As of now Missouri Kairos has only 5 Communities active.

We are in prayer to expand and take the Gospel to more Men and Women who are Incarcerated and also to their families on the Outside who are effected by their loved ones being behind prison walls.

We have met with Community members in Jefferson City with the hope of expanding into Jefferson City Correctional Center (JCCC).

The Department of Corrections (DOC) has been in contact and would like for Missouri Kairos to entertain the possibilities for expanding into JCCC.

If you feel led by the Holy Spirt to help in this endeavor please contact the State Chapter Committee (SCC). We can add your name to the list of interested individuals with the same calling in life.

There is a detailed process for starting a Kairos Community as defined in the Advisory Council OperatingProcedures and briefly outlined in the form on the Download Section under Advisory Council Downloads page under Advisory Council Startup button. Starting up an Advisory Council can be both male or female in filling the positions required.

Spiritual focus is foundational to our success within the ministry.  We believe that Christ is the head of this ministry.  We serve as His hands, feet, and heart to show the love of Jesus Christ.  From that perspective, grace will flow for the success of the ministry.  A review of our Core Values document would be the first step to starting an Advisory Council. Those can be found on the About page on this website.